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Triangle Area Naturists, LLC
Fun in the Nude


People are more interesting than clothes........

Welcome to Triangle Area Naturists, LLC (TAN)! This website is designed to answer some of your questions, to provide some basic information, and quite frankly to pique your interest in the group and in the clothing-optional lifestyle.

Why should you be interested? Well, because living clothing-optional can be a self-affirming, non-sexual, relaxed way to get out and meet some fun people and see some beautiful places. You won't be judged on your appearance or your clothes - you'll be seen for yourself, so you can concentrate on getting to know other people for themselves as well. You'll be able to feel the sun and wind on your skin - a truly liberating and refreshing feeling.

TAN is a diverse group of friendly folks who like to get together about once a month and socialize. The unique thing about us is simply that nudity is natural. The TAN members come from different backgrounds, occupations, countries, and cultures.  We enjoy the variety. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, pool parties, boat trips, trips to local clothing-optional resorts, and a fabulous Halloween party every year. The group ranges in age from 30s to 70s and beyond. Most events are geared towards adults, but families are welcome with the consent of the host.

There are a lot of assumptions out there about nudism and naturism among the general public, so let's dispel a few myths. Naturists are not swingers. Naturism is all about non-sexual nudity - sexual activity or advances are never allowed at TAN events. Naturists are your friends and neighbors, your co-workers, maybe even your accountant. Naturists aren't out to take over the world and force the clothing-optional lifestyle on everyone. We'd like to have designated areas where we could legally sunbathe or swim nude, but lacking those places locally TAN members have joined together to provide events where we can be both nude and social.

Sound interesting? If you'd like to inquire about joining, please email our membership coordinator. The membership coordinator can help you start the application procedure that not only helps us get to know you but helps you get to know if TAN and the clothing optional lifestyle is really for you.

Hope to see you soon!